About Us

We are Ami and Ben, we live on the rugged north coast of Cornwall in the beautiful fishing village of Padstow. We love Cornwall and the whole of the West Country, we also love our jobs within it!

Weddings are fab. They’re basically one big party that celebrates two people being in love – and capturing that on camera is the best.

Getting to know each couple we work with is super important to us. We work best with couples who want their wedding day to be a fun and relaxed. Couples who want there day to be a fabulous party, surrounded by family and friends, with great music and lots of laughs.

We’re a Husband & wife team who have a relaxed approach to wedding photography and films. It’s about documenting the fun, laughter and joy of your wedding, while you and your guests have a fantastic time.

We know It can be awkward infront of the camera, but we hope to put you at ease and capture relaxed, genuine photos & film of you being you.

Couples always say how fast their wedding day goes by and our advice is to make sure you take time to step back and enjoy each moment.

To us, a wedding is a joyous day that celebrates two people being in love. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day filming that? Plus sometimes… you get cake.

It’s not about staging moments or saying cheese. We don't want to line you up until your face hurts from fake smiles. It’s about you having a great time, while we capture it naturally.

You can have us for wedding videography, photography, or both – if you choose both Ben will take the lead on Video & Ami will take charge of Photography.

By having us for photo and video, you save on the hassle & stress of sourcing and managing separate suppliers.

We also work together effortlessly – with our style and method we compliment each other very well.